Five ways to optimise exchange connectivity latency

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Five ways to optimise exchange connectivity latency

Posted on March 01, 2018 by Matthew Knight 01 March 2018

Every electronic trading algorithm has its own unique attributes impacting its operation. The general model is that the electronic trading algorithm takes in inputs, often composed of data disseminated by an exchange, and having processed them, may send out buy, sell or cancel orders to an exchange.

The following guide suggests five methods that may be used to minimise the latency in the bi-directional communication between an electronic trading algorithm and an exchange and hence increase the potential for making successful trading decisions.

We have created a brief guide and discuss 5 key methods, including:

  1. Minimising the latency between your network and the exchange gateway
  2. Speeding up your multicast market data ingress
  3. Speeding up your exchange order egress
  4. Selecting the right low-latency network adapter for your trading application
  5. Implementing your trading application directly on an FPGA

To read the full whitepaper, please download the guide here >>

5 Ways to optimise latency of an exchange connection in electronic trading