Metamako’s APAC presence gets major boost with Chinese Certification

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Metamako’s APAC presence gets major boost with Chinese Certification

Posted on November 16, 2017 by Annekathrin Hase 16 November 2017

16 November 2017, London:  Metamako, the leading provider of ultra-low latency, FPGA-enabled network platforms, today announced the completion and award of its China Compulsory Certification (CCC). This marks a significant milestone for fast-growing Metamako, as it now allows the company to deliver on its aggressive strategy of expansion in Asia.

The CCC is a requirement for technology companies to sell their hardware in China and the certification now gives Metamako fully-regulated access to the enormous Chinese market. Metamako’s first products to be certified include the MetaConnect 48 low-latency layer 1+ switch and the MetaMux 48 series of switches, which are FPGA-enabled devices. 

Kevin Covington, CEO of Metamako, said: “Metamako is having an amazing year and the certification just kicks things up a gear, to a whole new level, by opening the market in China to us. This is part of our expansion in Asia, which started in earnest last year, with the opening of an office in Tokyo.” 

The Chinese certification will allow Metamako to sell its world-leading low-latency and FPGA-enabled devices and applications into one of the world’s largest markets to clients such as domestic brokers, market makers and exchanges as well as FPGA developers who want to leverage Metamako’s superior capabilities in programmability and configurability. Metamako also expects to expand into other verticals and use cases including analytics, IT security and broadcast media in the short to medium terms.

Covington adds: “We have been working very successfully with local resellers since the beginning of this year and have sold our solutions to clients in Hong Kong. However, until now it has not been possible to sell our technology in mainland China. This is the first step in getting all our products certified for sale in China, a market which offers enormous potential.”

MetaConnect 48 is a high-speed layer 1+ switch, designed for latency-sensitive businesses, offering data flow in just 4 nanoseconds, while the MetaMux 48 series of devices allows firms to run Metamako’s high-performance applications, such as high-precision timestamping, muxing and filtering as well as companies’ own and/or third-party FPGA applications directly on the switching devices.

Metamako has had its latency figures and timestamping precision verified by STAC on multiple occasions, providing the world’s fastest network devices. Its new clients in China will be quick to benefit from a host of features its devices offer. Of particular interest to the Chinese market are Metamako’s ability to provide devices which are deterministic, with virtually undetectable jitter, and to offer comprehensive packet statistics, invaluable for network monitoring and diagnostics. Sophisticated muxing and precision timestamping are equally high on the agenda for Chinese customers.


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