Trading firm Mana Partners gains ultra-low latency exchange connectivity with Metamako

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Trading firm Mana Partners gains ultra-low latency exchange connectivity with Metamako

Posted on February 27, 2018 by Annekathrin Hase 27 February 2018

27 February 2018, New York, London & Sydney: Mana Partners (Mana), the New York-based electronic trading and asset management firm, has gone live with Metamako, using its cutting-edge network devices to provide cost-effective, nanosecond-level access to exchanges, in doing so granting Mana the ability to make superior investment decisions. (Read the full use case >>)

Concentrating on quantitative and algorithmic asset management, Mana has rolled out Metamako’s FPGA-based, Layer 1+ network devices running its MetaMux application. Designed specifically for latency-critical environments such as trading, it allows data fan-out and order aggregation in the fraction of the time of traditional switches*. Metamako is the leading provider of FPGA-enabled, ultra-low latency network platforms.

Since introducing the 48-port Metamako switches to its co-located trading sites, Mana has seen vastly improved speeds when sending trading messages from trading server to exchange, with latency savings of approximately 300 nanoseconds.

Brian Goldberg, Senior VP of Engineering said: “Metamako came highly recommended. During the testing process, it stood head and shoulders above the competition, delivering the exact latencies that were advertised and excelling in usability and its approach to technology innovation.” Manoj Narang, CEO of Mana Partners added: “The switch to Metamako has had a direct impact on us providing better investment decisions. and improving the ROI we generate for clients through faster access to market data. We also benefit from continuous connection monitoring and full packet statistics.”

Mana Partners decided to employ Metamako’s network solutions for a variety of reasons, which go beyond its market-leading low latencies. These include its highly-responsive technical support, feature-rich devices, integration with partner technologies such as Enyx and its strong industry reputation. Mana intends to continue to grow the relationship between the two parties, with their FPGA team now evaluating other Metamako devices, which would allow it to run its own FPGA logic directly on the Metamako platform. 

Dr. Dave Snowdon, CTO of Metamako, commented: “Adding Mana to our customer portfolio cements our reputation as being at the forefront of technological advancement in the trading sector. Mana spoke to various Layer 1 technology providers before choosing us and cited our solid product roadmap and commitment to continuous innovation as important deciding factors. We are proud to be recognised for our expertise in providing the best technology to financial institutions and look forward to supporting such an exciting client.”

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* Metamako latency profiles: 

  • Multiplexing: C-Series 69 ns, E-Series 55 ns, K-Series 99 ns
  • Data fan out: 5 ns across all device series

 Mana Partners gains ultra-low latency exchange connectivity