Metamako expands into the new Stone & Chalk fintech hub

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Metamako expands into the new Stone & Chalk fintech hub

Posted on August 25, 2015 by David Snowdon 25 August 2015

We're expanding! Metamako has moved its headquarters to the new Stone & Chalk fintech hub near Circular Quay in Sydney. We've been working with Stone and Chalk for the last few months to design and build a facility that will support our continued global expansion. 

More details to follow, but a few interesting bits of information:

  • We've fitted a full laboratory facility for test, debug and qualification of our devices. 
  • Each employee has access to two OM3 fibres to our comms room, and runs their office network through one of these at 10Gb Ethernet to a MetaConnect 48 device. A direct connection to a test device can be patched in via a second MetaConnect 48. Metamako's office runs on MetaConnect -- we're eating our own dogfood.
  • The total aggregate bandwidth into and out of the Metamako office is over 800Gb/s.

Here's the full press release: