Metamako turns 5! A look back at our Top 5 achievements

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Metamako turns 5! A look back at our Top 5 achievements

Posted on May 07, 2018 by Annekathrin Hase 07 May 2018

It has been exactly 5 years, on the 6th May 2013, since we flipped the switch (no pun intended) and set out to transform networks. Dave, Charles and Scott opened an office in Sussex Street/Sydney together with a handful of world class engineers and Lalitha looking after operations ... Metamako was born. We are intending to pop the corks across continents and office locations later today but wanted to share a little of the excitement and look back at some of the things we have achieved.

SYD Team 2014

All good things come in 5s

1. Go fast or go home!

Setting up a company is about solving problems. Our problem was latency! In today’s financial markets, transactions happen at speeds barely graspable by humans. Especially in electronic trading, we are talking milli-, micro-, nanoseconds. Metamako set out to design a device that would offer the lowest possible network latency - 4 nanoseconds to be precise. In December 2013 we unveiled the Metamako MetaConnect, our flagship low-latency Layer 1 device.

Physical layer devices are the fastest of all switches, but they’re usually not very smart. We hence designed MetaConnect to have built-in intelligence such as packet statistics. In November 2014 we then launched our muxing devices which today achieve aggregation latencies of 55 ns. And we keep pushing hard when it comes to the limits of the speed of light. ( Five ways to optimise exchange connectivity latency)

2. Make them even smarter!

Whilst MetaConnect was fast and pretty ‘smart’ for a Layer 1 switch, you told us that the switches needed even more functionality. So in June 2015 we announced our first FPGA-enabled network devices, combining a layer1+ switch, an FPGA and a x86 server.  You could now run network applications directly on the switches. And, as you need great apps to run on a great FPGA-platform, we released our MetaWatch tapping, tap aggregation & timestamping application in November 2015. We won a few awards for it (happy face) and established independently verified timestamping benchmarks together with the Securities Technology Analysis Center (STAC) to proof its accuracy.

Pretty cool for an app that is being used for fault detection, security, event logging, network service compliance, performance monitoring and regulatory reasons, think CAT or MiFID II. Also read >>Why Metamako’s FPGA platform is best of breed and Metamako launches triple FPGA devices

3. Share the love!

It isn’t just about the technology though. What gets us out of bed every morning are our clients. The Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) has been with us since pretty much the beginning. Deutsche Börse rolled out Metamako last year with each and everyone of its trades now going through our platform. Trader Mana Partners chose us for ultra-low latency exchange connectivity, MSP NetXpress built its first truly shared, low-latency infrastructure using our devices, Telco BSO wanted more reliable L1 devices to dynamically manage and configure its network connections … the list continues.  It is our clients that make us tick. Without them we wouldn’t be here … 

4. Partners in Crime

Let’s not forget our growing list of partners: application partners, technology partners, industry organisations and, of course, our distributors and reseller. We set out to build a global partner ecosystems and become the platform of choice to deploy network applications.

Intel, Mellanox, Xilinx, Enyx, Solarflare, Corvil, Velocimetrics, AlgoLogic,
Seven Solutions, Redline Trading, Arrayware, Netcope, Avelacom,
Maystreet, Novasparks … a big thank you.

Don’t switch off just yet (ahhh this switching theme is sticky) - there is more to come...

5. Bigger, Better, Metamako

The big news, which makes us all proud, is of course our recent acquisition of the xCelor hardware business. Our first asset purchase, fully self-funded, was a major milestone and a testament to our fast growth. We are only 5 after all.

Other landmark events were the Deloitte ranking in 2017 which put us in the Top 10 fastest growing Australian technology firms and, of course, our global office expansion. Starting in Sydney, Australia in May 2013 with 8 staff, we then announced the European office in London in the same year. We got our feet on the ground in New York in 2014, opened Tokyo in 2016 and most recently Chicago in March 2018. Oh, and we also moved our headquarter to larger premises in Sydney. We are 57 people now after all and headed for world domination.

To all of our clients, partners, staff and supporters - Thank you.

Happy birthday to the team and on to the next 5!

SYD Team Apr18Our Sydney Team