Setting up our European Operations

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Setting up our European Operations

Posted on October 13, 2013 by David Snowdon 13 October 2013

Since the introduction of MetaConnect nearly twelve months ago, we've been working hard to support our European and American customers through a variety of means. Recently, we've been looking to make the next step of a European expansion, so that we have feet on the ground in the local time zone. We're putting the pieces in place to give our customers the kind of sales service and support that they've come to expect from Metamako, but in a local time zone. To do that, we needed local knowledge, and for that we're truly excited to have found Kevin Covington. Kevin's been working very hard to help Metamako expand to Europe, and we're thrilled to work with him. 

Here's the full press release: 

Low-latency specialist Metamako sets up European operations with Covington